UPDATE:  The deadline for yearbook ordering has been extended through March 31st. I am hoping this can be extended even further but unsure if the system Lifetouch uses will be able to accept payments after this date yet. For now, this is what we are going with. 
What we have learned is that due to health and safety reasons the only purchase option we currently have is for online ordering. You can Order Lifetouch Yearbooks by clicking here.  You just need to enter 12831120 as our school code, or you can search it by location. 
A student's yearbook should reflect the year as a whole and as much as possible of what happened during that year. It is a type of time capsule. For the 2019-2020 students, this includes having school from home during a pandemic. This is history and we don't know how long this will last or if it will ever happen again. What we do know is that someday our students will tell their children or grandchildren about a time they remember when schools, businesses, theme parks, and even churches were closed or continued remotely utilizing the technology of the day.  We would like to use this extra week to capture this in print for them to have. If you have pictures of your kids having school from home, or anything relevant that you think will be useful for these additional pages please send them either by email or text to Mrs. Creech. Her contact info is at the bottom of this alert.
We appreciate all of our students, families, and staff as we navigate through this time.
Send photos or info to Mrs. Creech at tammy.creech@cornerstoneky.com or text to 606-261-3343

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