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"In the beginning God Created the Heaven and the Earth..." And so began the greatest masterpiece that was ever created by the greatest Artist of all time. He not only was the greatest Artist but he created each and every artist there-after and created in each of them talents and abilities whose own works have lasted throughout the ages.
In our class we learn about the artists of the past and how they were inspired by the creations of God all around us.  We learn to express ourselves through art and recognize and appreciate God's nature of creativity in all of his creations.
We learn about the Elements of Art and the Elements of Design. We learn about many great artists in history as well as modern artists. Many were inspired by scripture, stories of the Bible and Biblical histories. 
I try to work in many art projects that will allow them to learn and use as many mediums as possible while exercising creativity and developing each students own self-expression.
I am honored to be a part of each students learning and to watch and assist as each one develops the talents and skills that each of them have.                          ~ Mrs. Creech
We are currently working on some special project for our annual Original works and for display at the open house-Book Fair- Art Gallery.
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Please look for information in 3-19 communication folders about this contest.
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