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                      Update During NTI Learning

While we are working thought this NTI period I wanted to offer some additional resources for our students to use from home. This will help those learning to type to stay practiced and progress. They are fun lessons that I don't think they will mind doing while still giving them practice.  The assignments sent home in the NTI packet point them to where they will use the login provided. Assignments will already be loaded per student. They can work as many of the assignments that are on their list as they like but are only asked to do one hour per week for Computer Lab.

Third grade and up may want to visit for some fun typing exercises. These are not required but the students do enjoy playing when we have some free time.  If you have any questions at all feel free to contact me at 606-261-3343

Mrs. Creech


Tech Tips

Using the F4 key can repeat your last function in an Excel Spreadsheet and Google Sheets.
A shorter way to copy and paste is to use ctrl c for copy and ctrl v for paste.
Use the alt/tab keys at the same time to move through multiple open windows
I am so excited to be teaching Technology & Media here at Cornerstone. We live in a fast paced world. Technology and media are part of our everyday lives and basic computer skills are essential. It is a way to touch young lives with skills and knowledge that will give them the tools they need for success for years to come. My goal is for each student who has passed through my class to leave with technology skills necessary to be a step ahead of the curve. We safety in mind we are learning how to 'Spread the Good News of Christ' through the use of technology & media. Not all of us can be missionaries but we can still take part in "Proclaiming the Gospel to all Nations" with just a few clicks.  We have powerful tools at our fingertips we just need to know the safe and correct way to use them.
In my class all students complete a course in Keyboarding. We learn how to perform basic computer equipment maintenance as well as how to use Microsoft Office Suites including Word, Excel, Power Point, etc. We also have courses in Internet Safety, cyber bullying, research skills, movie makers, photo & video editing, web design and much more.
This year will be our first year beginning basic coding skills. We will do courses on circuit boards and robotics.  I thank our Father daily for the opportunity to work with these children and be a part of helping each one to prepare for the great plan God has in store for them.                                       ~Mrs. Creech
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