The tribe of Benjamin was extremely skilled warriors. They were skilled archers and slingers, said to be able to shoot at a hair and never miss.  At C.C.S. we continue to strive for excellence in all things both inside and outside of the classroom. This includes sportsmanship and skill.
~A Word from the Coaches~
Archery is a sport where you are competing against yourself, Can I shoot better than I did last time. I believe in this sport and support it for our children. Not every child is meant to be an athlete, but they can be a part of a team here. I work with these young people as they establish discipline and self-esteem while they focus on a sport that is more about repetition and practice than strength and speed.     
Jon Brummett
When we first started Archery at CCS I felt drawn to it. Many students were interested, I enjoyed it and we already had the equipment. This would be a sports option the students would enjoy and provide individual sports opportunities.  This added an additional sport that worked well for a small student body.  So far we've had two students go to the state competition.  We try to compete in at least 7 competitions per year providing a team atmosphere for our school.  
Cheryl Winters
  • January 18th: Comets Snowball Shootout @ Wyan Pine Grove
  • January 25th: When and where not yet announced
  • January 30th: Jamie Gilliam Memorial @ Bush Elementary School @ 5:00pm
  • February 8th - First Annual Jaguar Classic @ North Laurel High School
For more information about the CCS Archery Team contact Mrs. Winters @