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  Cornerstone Christian K-5 students have chapel service every Wednesday morning at 8:00 am in the Souls Harbor Sanctuary. Parents and families are welcome to attend this 30-minute service with our children. This is a great way to reinforce the message they are getting as well as provide another opportunity to be a part of your child's weekly school activities. If you are able we would love to have you join us.
We generally have music and a Bible lesson given by Mr. Allen. There are times when we may have a guest speaker come and bless us with their message. When possible guest speakers will be announced on our school calendar on the date they will be attending.
Our Chapel service is always changing. We many times have visitors such as missionaries, guest speaking pastors, youth ministers or others who are serving Jesus within our communities. Some visits are highlighted below. 
"The World of Jesus" a Biblical Artifact Exhibit by Tommy Chamberlain
"History comes to life and we can tangibly touch the world of 2,000 years ago," Tommy Chamberlin, exhibit director, said.

There are around 60 artifacts from the Roman period. The community can see Roman gods, coins, pottery, a rare ossuary and even a nail that might have been used for crucifixions.

"(The nail) is especially significant to us on Easter Sunday," Chamberlin said. "As we think about the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth ... Which was just outside the walls of Jerusalem, likely in the spring of A.D. 33."


You can learn more about Tommy Chamberlain and his exhibit by visiting his Facebook page Journey through Biblical History

Missionaries and Mission Groups and Mission projects led by some of our own students.
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Youth Sermon By Principal Joe Allen:

Beatitudes (Part 1) Sermon on the Mount -Matthew 5

“Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” (KJV Matthew 4:17) Repent means when you are going in the wrong direction and you turn around and go in the right direction. We are living in the Kingdom of Heaven right now.  Jesus tells us, “I am here and where I am is the kingdom but will be fulfilled later. Jesus took the people up on the mountainside and taught the people about the kingdom of heaven.  All 8 poetic statements that make up the beatitudes all start with “Blessed.”  In God's kingdom, blessed means we are satisfied. The only way to satisfy our hunger is to eat.  These things are going to satisfy the people.  The people then were poor and begged for their needs. Blessed are the poor in spirit, those who realize without God they have nothing. No matter how much worldly things they have they should have God also. Blessed are those that mourn.  Sad sorrowful people then only lived to be only about 25 years of age.  They had lost many of their loved ones.  Blessed are those that are gentle and meek.  This are those that are humble and weak.  Our world values those that are strong.  Meek means under control.  If they surrender their selves to God then he promises they shall inherit the earth.  Blessed are those that hunger and thirst after righteousness.  We should have food and water to live.  The people of that day understood what this meant.  God wants people to have a desire for doing right.  If we see someone not doing right, we should help them or get them help.  We got to be willing to follow Jesus and have the desire to surrender ourselves to God.

Beatitudes (Part 2)

Jesus told us, if you put these things in your life, you will be happy and satisfied in my kingdom. Blessed are the merciful.  God forgives us and we should forgive others. Blessed are the pure in heart.  We should do things for the right reason and should always listen to our teacher.  Blessed are the peacemakers. We should help people make peace with God. We need to be in peace with other people and not be angry.  We should be at peace with ourselves.  God will throw our sins in the deepest part of the ocean so they will never be remembered again.  The Bible tells us that God is willing to forgive us our sins.  Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake.  In some countries, some people that believe in Jesus are persecuted just for believing in God.  Jesus tells us to not fear for in this world we have many who do bad things.  These are the principles we should live by.  Do the right thing and you will be happy and satisfied in my kingdom. We want to treat others as we want to be treated. This will keep peace.

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