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Friends of Cornerstone

A charitable commitment to help grow, develop and strengthen our financial health.

Would you help us?

In these time of such uncertainty and heartache, in a time when our society seems to have forgotten our roots in Jesus, in a time where our young men and women are not finding the answers of who they are, isn't NOW the time to teach them about Jesus?  Isn't now the time to show them the truth of our Lord Jesus? Isn't Christian education import Now, more than it has ever been?

How is the money used?

  • All money received is used 100% for the school in its daily operations.

  • Payroll

  • Tuition Assistance Program

  • Repairs of Facilities

  • Mortgage

  • A Vision of New, improved facility in the future.

Donations are tax deductible

  • We are a non-profit tax-exempt organization.

  • Year-end tax statements are available


We need your help

We know these are tough economic times, and that's why we need you.  The strength of the church has always been in its love and it its numbers.  We are asking you to commit to giving to us small monthly amounts: $10, $20, $30 - Whatever amount the Lord has laid on your heart.

Can we count on you?

If you feel so led, please fill out the pledge form which you can print by clicking here or clicking on the pledge form button below. Simply return it to our main office in person or mailing it to the address below. Credit card payments can set up as well.

P.O. Box 848

London Ky 40743


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